I really like your magazine and use your special coupons a LOT! I especially like your food coupons, Minkie blankets, overhead garage storage units, etc. In other words I get to know my local businesses this way! Thanks for your magazine! I read it religiously each month!

Linda F. – Centerville

“I have loved our Hometown Values book for years! If you own a business and you put an ad in Hometown, trust me I will shop there! I trust the businesses they use and it saves me money with a family of seven, especially this time of year. If you need a haircut, your car worked on, or simply want a doughnut grab your Hometown book!!”

Jennifer L. – Layton

“I love Hometown Values. It has wonderful coupons for everything that is needed for the home, health, decorations, food, and upcoming events. There is always a great deal for everything you are looking for. I’m thankful to get this book every month so I can help save my family money!”

Jess A. – Morgan

“Hometown Values magazine is the first thing I look for in the mail at the beginning of each month. Great coupons and events that we look forward to.”

Christy H. – Tremonton

“Great place to local find events and coupons! I love getting this in my mail!”

Sheri F. -Midvale

“I often throw out other coupons in the mail, but my Hometown Values magazine is treated like gold! I know where it is at all times and check it out before my family goes out. They have a nice layout, plenty of deals, and a good variety while still making things easy to find. I really love the logos on the cover that allow me to see at a glance whether or not one of my favorite restaurants is included in the month’s edition. Thank you for a good, highly useful publication!”

Katie S. – Ogden

“Love to learn about new businesses, or old ones I haven’t heard about, and try them out. Use the coupons often especially the restaurants or craft stores.”

Paula K. – North Ogden

“Love to get coupons sent to me each month. It makes saving money for my family very convenient.”

Ryan D. – Clearfield

“I love the local variety of businesses in it. Always fun looking through it. We use it every chance we get!”

Dawn S. – Layton

“I LOVE Hometown Values! My absolute favorite for coupons! Other competitors don’t even compare!”

Carey D. – West Jordan

“I love that it gives me new ideas about what to do locally!”

Anthony B. – Provo

“I love coupons for local businesses. I’d much rather support local.”

Stephanie V. – Orem

“Love all the local coupons and findings of new restaurants and fun family activities that are included.”

Wendy S. – Centerville

“I love the local coupons and advertisements for businesses that are local that I may not typically hear about.”

Andy L. – Draper

“I love the variety the Hometown provides. Many coupons and deals for many different companies and locations. My family loves the Papa Murphy’s coupons and now we have discovered others as well. It has helped make dining out as a family a lot more affordable. I also love the Hometown Values for keeping us up to date on what great programs and shows are coming to Salt Lake and surrounding areas and how to attend more affordable. It is amazing. Thanks for the great service.”

Tiffany G. – Layton

“Hometown Magazine is what I look forward to in the mail every month. It has the best coupons for restaurants, home improvement, health and beauty. It is always up to date with the hottest coupons and attractions around northern Utah. I absolutely love it!”

Morgan M. – Kaysville

“Love, love, love. It’s like a present every month.”

Loni H. – Clinton

“I love your magazine! I love love love all the coupons and I have used Minky Couture a lot!”

Holly P. -Draper

“I moved from California and not knowing anything here was a little hard for me. When I found Hometown it was something that has helped me to know places to go and try. Love the coupons and thanks to you guys when my kids and I get a little sad that we are away from home we open your magazine and decide as a family where to go and makes us happy and not be too sad. From the Bolanos family thank you because of you guys Utah is feeling more like home and seeing my 8 and 4 old excited when we get to choose from your
magazine is priceless to me.”

Barbara B.
– Logan

“It’s the best local magazine around!! Haircuts, dental, home repairs, dining out! Retailers know where to go to get the best business in and I know where to go to get the best Hometown Values!!”

Katie C. – Syracuse

“I love Hometown Values. I am only that is always looking for the deals and when my family and I are deciding where to go to eat we usually turn to the Hometown values first to see what deals there are and decide from there!”

Anonymous – Farmington

“I love all the value you provide for local businesses, allowing them a great marketing opportunity and how you share discounts and other value to consumers In their communities. It’s lovely! Everything you need is in your magazine! Thanks for all you do Hometown Values.”

Alaina R. – Farmington

“I can’t wait to get Hometown Values each month! I look there first and love to shop local! Awesome coupons and have had great luck with all businesses featured!”

Anne K. – Salt Lake City

“Love receiving this in my mailbox. Not only has it saved me a lot of money over the years it has introduced me to new businesses that I never would’ve known about otherwise.”

Sara S. – Cottonwood Heights

“Great coupons for local places, I’m a huge supporter of small Business so the coupons help me out a lot!”

Julia T. – North Ogden

“Great coupons for local places, I’m a huge supporter of small Business so the coupons help me out a lot!”

Julia T. – North Ogden

“I love all the great deals Hometown Values has. Whenever I go out to eat or need some kind of service done, I check my Hometown Values magazine first and always find a great deal.”

Melanie, M. – Highland

“I love my Hometown values magazine! We love to use the restaurant coupons for fun family date nights!!”

Anonymous – Alpine

“We love getting our Hometown Values in the mail. This is one thing that I called and requested when I moved to our new home. I find so many uses for the ads and coupons every month for our entire family, it helps with 8 children!!”

Missy. M. – Bountiful, Utah

“Hometown Values is fantastic! It lets you see new businesses. Old ones you may need. Great Restaurants! Pizza Pie Cafe coupons for when we do cousins nights. That’s 6 grandchildren to be friends and visit with their cousins!”

Kathleen W. – Salt Lake City

“Hometown has the Best coupons. It’s our go-to book! We use the fast track coupons, pizza factory, smart cuts, Maddox, bun basket, auto care and state safety coupons, cherry hill, classic, boondocks, etc, etc, etc. We always check HTV when looking for an activity for our entire family! Thank you Hometown.”

Jennifer E. – Salt Lake City

“I look forward to my Hometown Values Magazine every month. Lots of good local businesses. I found out about a grand opening for a business being built that I had been watching. I was so excited! Fun pics, too.”

Julianne N. – Sandy

“I love the red robin and woods creation coupons. It’s perfect for a weekend craft and date night.”

JA – Holladay

“Hooray for savings! I look forward to my monthly savings at Pet Corral, burger stop, rod works, RMR raceway and all the oil changes at young! I gather my magazine & go through it with my neighbors for events and fun outings with all our families. We love it!”

Colleen F. -Syracuse

“I love getting my hometown values every month! There are always great events & coupons that we use for date night or to go do something fun with the kids!”

Rachel M. – Kaysville

“I love the coupons to places that if I didn’t have this magazine I would not even know about. Also love that it supports our small businesses in the area!!”

Bridget P. – South Ogden

“I absolutely love everything about it! Look forward to getting it and trying new places you advertise. With a family of six we love the deals! Keep up the great work hometown!”

Kristen S. – Bountiful

“I love how hometown helps me find local businesses to support! From food to fun, household, and yard they’ve got it all. I enjoy looking through to see where I can save money, great for an avid deal shopper like me!”
Courtnie, M. – North Ogden

“These are the best. Always giving you discounts and keeping you informed!! Saves you time and money.”

Terri B. – Roy

“I love Hometown!! The coupons are fabulous and always something new! Thanks so much! Makes taking a family of 6 out much more doable! Thank you!!”

Lindsay – Ogden

“I love the Hometown Values magazine! I have saved a lot of money on local companies! Thanks for sending this to my mailbox!”

Jennifer P. – Kaysville

“I love being able to receive local coupons & deals every month from Hometown Values Magazine! My favorite coupons are to the spa/restaurants. I can always count on a good deal & I love supporting my local businesses!”

Jennifer R. – Salt Lake City

“It’s a way for me to see different businesses that I didn’t know about, but love the wood creations, rod works, quilted bear coupons.”

Leisa A. -Uintah

Learning who local businesses are and what they offer is the best thing about Hometown Values magazine!

Ann R. -Bountiful

“I look forward to getting it in my mailbox for the coupons, but it’s also helped us to find new places to try out or shop at! Keep it coming!! Thanks!”

Tara -South Jordan

“I use the coupons A LOT & there are always good ones for restaurants & local businesses – when we moved, we found our new local family doctor, our pediatric dentist and orthodontist in it too!! I look forward to it every month!”

Keri K. -Layton

“I love being able to receive local savings & deals every month from Hometown Values Magazine! My favorite coupons are to the spas and restaurants. I can always count on a good deal & I love supporting my local businesses! Thanks Hometown!”

Hollie -Tooele

“Hometown Values is fantastic! It lets you see new businesses and reminds us of old ones you may need too that we haven’t been too in a long time!”

Becky K. -Layton

“Love the events and savings for our family! Thanks for all you do Hometown Values for our community!”

Alania R. – Salt Lake City

“My favorite is everything they publish because it seems these are the local businesses and coupons I actually use!!”

Carrie W. – Draper


Kristin D. – Sandy

“Makes eating out great and browsing through always find something you didn’t plan on buying till I see your magazine.”

Darlene S. – Park City