August Winners

Whitney Wells
Sandy Araujo
Shanti Turner
Marsha Johnson
Brianne Dedelow
Abbi Little


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4. famous peanuts cartoon character
5. the first Monday in September
6. common yard activity to pick up leaves
9. season between summer and winter
10. a spider’s home
11. keeps your neck warm
12. Dad’s weekend TV viewing
13. falls off trees
14. Out of all 12 months of the year, this month is spelled with the most letters

1. fruits covered in a golden candy
2. Tigger’s best friend
3. a confusing path made in a corn field
7. falls off oak trees
8. has brilliant yellow petals, also known as “rays”
10. a sport played with a round ball; don’t use your hands

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A4 CharlieBrown
A5 LaborDay
A6 raking
A9 autumn
A10 spiderweb
A11 scarf
A12 football
A13 leaves
A14 September
D1 caramelapples
D2 winniethepooh
D3 cornmaze
D7 acorns
D8 sunflower
D10 soccer