Getting to know Alex Boyé

Interview with Alex Boyé

Alex Boyé is the perfect example of perseverance and dedication. The actor/musician/entertainer has over 360 million hits on YouTube, has performed in front of millions and has had several movie roles.

Raised by his Nigerian mother in London, he was encouraged to include his african roots in his music. It took 20 years for Alex to implement his mothers plea, and when he did, he started to find success, which leads to Alex’s now famous mantra “Listen to your momma”.

With his newfound signature sound, Alex Boyé is known as the charismatic, energetically-charged singing sensation whose creative and innovative music videos have garnered him millions of fans online.
Boyé is sure to soon be on the top of your playlist or be seen on your digital screen. But what’s next for the entertainer that never sleeps?

Who/what inspires your music?
I get inspired by world music and current affairs from different countries across the globe, sometimes it can be the sound of an unusual instrument that I’ve never heard before.

Where do you go when you write?
To my voice recording app on my iPhone. Because I have five kids, and a busy schedule, it can be anywhere, waking up at 3 am and singing quietly in the restroom in my house so as not to wake anybody, to pulling over on the I-15 on the way home from a gig in Idaho.

What are the musical transitions you’ve been through in your career?
I started off doing pop music in a boy band, then I experimented with jazz, soul, R&B, rock and even heavy metal!
Lately, having being inspired by an African flavored song I did with the piano guys a few years ago, I have been experimenting with pop music with an African twist.

Is your family musical?
Absolutely. The other day Zander, my five year old, bust into full splits while singing in the mirror with a fake microphone and didn’t realize anybody was watching. It was a class act. They all are constantly running around the house singing at the top of their lungs pretending they are daddy on stage. I have a feeling there will be a few professional performers in the future.

Does music play a big role in your relationship with your children?
Yes it does. I notice with all my kids that whenever a song comes on, it changes their countenances and they always react with smiles while wriggling their bodies to the rhythm. I especially love it when I hear them singing my songs randomly around the house.

Where is your favorite venue in which you have performed?
I have performed in many amazing venues worldwide, but two of my favorite places are: The Royal Albert Hall (The only place the queen of England goes to watch concerts), and Carnegie Hall in New York.

What musicians do you admire?
I love watching seasoned artists who have been performing for decades but still treat every show like it’s their first. You can see that they give everything to their audience and don’t hold anything back. Some include: Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Mary.J Blige, Nina Simone, Seal, Sting, Phil Collins, Leonard Cohen, James Brown, Gladys Knight, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, and Al Green.

What are some struggles you have dealt with since becoming an entertainer?
I see goals more than struggles. One of my goals is to have my music played on the top radio stations in every country in the world.

As a busy father and husband, where do you find time to create?
You make time. I will do it late at night when the family is sleeping or early in the morning before they wake up.

Do you have any pre-show routines before performing live?
I take a few minutes in quiet and visualize everybody having a good time and being filled with love and coming away from my concert feeling better than they arrived.

What has been the height of your career (so far)?
I just got approached by Pepsi to do a collaboration with them that I’m really excited about.

Where do you envision your music career in the next few years?
Dominating the American (and world) charts with good clean, dynamic and high-quality music.

What is a big project that you are working on right now?
A soundtrack for a movie featuring Hollywood stars, Al Pacino and Melanie Griffiths.

Actor or musician? What comes first? Why?
Definitely musician. That’s my first love. But acting is an incredible medium to bless people’s lives and I’m catching the bug and planning on doing much more!

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