“Make Your Life The Party You Just Can’t Miss!”

Interview with Alison Faulkner

So, what exactly is The Alison Show? You’re a professional party animal?
The Alison Show is really just me giving myself my own “show”. But of course it’s not a real show! Ha, it’s a blog, a presence on social media, and every year I throw several all-female dance parties. I speak at conferences and have some online courses too.

How did The Alison Show begin?
I’ve been blogging for over 10 years now and I really enjoy writing and sharing. My blog started out as an essay blog and then evolved into a place where I shared my ideas that I was excited about such as DIYs and baking projects. It changes as my interests change, but the Alison part always stays the same.
I’ve always loved events, and hosted lots in high school and college, and then started doing them for my family. As my social media presence grew companies hired me to do events for influencers.

The dance parties started with me dancing on Instagram, and then realizing people wanted to come dance in person with me. Haha, which seemed funny, but also fun. I was doing some events for Microsoft at the time and I asked if for our last one, if instead of just inviting “influencers” or people with larger social media followings, I could open up the party to my online friends and make it bigger. I created an all-female dance party so both married and single women could come and feel safe and just let loose. Now I do the parties on behalf of my own brand, and bring on headline sponsors.

What do you mean when you say “Make your life the party you just can’t miss”?
I’m speaking at the What a Woman Wants Expo on Friday September 16th and my talk is about “making your life the party you just can’t miss.”
I decided on this topic because I feel like it’s easy to look at our lives and sometimes feel as if we are victims of our circumstances. In other words, that we are forced to be at a party we don’t really want to be at. I know I’ve done that in my life at time, so I’ve been paying really close attention lately to the tools that have helped me create a life I’m super stoked be living.

I think it’s an important topic because, just like events, it’s often easier to attend someone else’s, rather than plan our own. So in my talk I’m offering some tools that I’ve learned planning large-scale events, and how they are applicable to looking at our life as an event and planning it accordingly.

You are an inspiration to a lot of women who want to be as “carefree” as you and have as much fun as you. What advice would you give to these women?
I always think that it’s interesting when people point out that I seem so “carefree” and that I have so much fun. I do have a lot of fun! But I also openly share my struggles with anxiety and depression with my online friends. I also feel like I talk nonstop about how hard the parties are for me, because they take such a huge emotional toll on me. But I think a lot of people just look at the headlines, and forget to read the fine print! Ha. And that’s my advice. When we just look at the “headlines” if you will, and then compare our nitty gritty to those, we are letting the comparison game get the better of us.

What’s been your favorite party you’ve planned?
It’s so hard to choose! Because they are all different. But if I HAVE to choose I’d say right now my favorite party was the Gem Jam. It was the first party after I had given birth to my baby, so I wasn’t pregnant and I was better able to get out there and have fun. Also it was a great day for a dance party because it was on International Women’s Day. There was just this sense of sisterhood and camaraderie at the party that I did not expect, and I really think it was because it International Women’s Day. But this party also was the tipping point when my parties began to take on a new life through awareness, size and scope.

Do you go all out for family and kid’s parties?
I have gone out for every single type of party. That’s how I got started. I have three kids and planning my first daughter’s first birthday party was more fun than my wedding. I made so many crafts, decorations and food. I also go all-out for holidays. I love Valentine’s Day more than life. But now that I do parties professionally, I don’t have quite as much time as I used to. Ha!

What is your must-have party décor?
It’s not a party without balloons. They make everyone happy, even adults. They cheer everyone up! Even for those who just like popping them. You can’t go wrong with balloons.

What would your spirit animal be and why?
I feel like one of those little yappy dogs sometimes. Who is just so excited they aren’t sure where to put their energy. But then also will just pass out on the couch. Yeah, that’s about right. Ha.