New entry door: wise investment or money down the drain?

By the experts at Window World

According to many home improvement and remodeling experts, a new entry door can be a wise investment for your home – if you do it right.

A quality entry door can:

  • Boost your home’s perceived value – rates exterior door replacement as one of the most cost effective remodeling projects to increase your home’s perceived value.
  • Improve energy efficiency – According to, an old exterior door can contribute significantly to air leakage and waste energy through conduction. A new energy efficient door that is professionally installed can make a huge difference in energy savings.
  • Provide excellent value for the cost – Every year, Remodeling magazine’s Cost/Value Report ranks a new entry door at the top of their list of remodeling projects.

Avoid these 4 mistakes when buying an entry door in Utah

  • Think all doors are the same – they’re not!
    • Wood – Can look fabulous, but usually the most expensive. Requires consistent maintenance.
    • Steel – Lowest cost, but prone to dents, dings and rust when paint is scratched.
    • Fiberglass – Best energy efficiency, most versatile – can be painted or embossed with unbelievably realistic wood grain.
  • Choose the wrong door material for your climate
    • In the harsh Utah climate, fiberglass or steel are a much better choice than wood. Wood expands and contracts with temperature fluctuation, causing changes in appearance and function over time
  • Choose the wrong door type for your family
    • If your door will see heavy use, especially if you have children, fiberglass is going to offer the best durability. Steel can be less expensive, but you will regret it when Johnny puts a dent in it with the baseball bat.
  • Don’t have your door professionally installed
    • Door installation can be tricky – leaving it to a handyman or an unknown contractor from a big box store can be a huge risk. The cost to have it installed right is worth it compared to the headache and hassle of bad installation.

A new entry door can be a great investment in your home’s appearance and value, but make sure you choose the right materials and have it installed professionally. Studies have shown that nothing outshines a quality front entry door when it comes to curb appeal and the perceived value of your home.