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Short Cover

Be one of the first ads your potential clients see when they get their Hometown Plus Magazine in the mail. This specialty card wraps the bottom 1/3 of the magazine on both the front and back.

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Saturation Postcards

Drive traffic to your business by saturating the homes and apartments around your business.

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Tall Blow-In

Standout by being the one and only client to be able have your ad placement stick out one inch above the top of the magazine.

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Blow-In Cards

Stand out in the magazine with this card inserted into Hometown Plus Magazine.

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DML Cards

Post Cards delivered to the mailbox without the direct mail cost.

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Custom Print

Printing Services

Hometown Values provides clients any kind of commercial printing services. Whether it’s a magazine, catalog, booklet, flier, brochure, envelope, window cling or magnet, we can provide you with the services to handle all of your business printing needs.

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