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Liz is a hometown hero for serving our community throughout the pandemic and years before that working at Valley Market, our only grocery store in Ogden Valley. Though she was suffering great anxiety, she went to work anyway because she wanted people to have the food they needed. There’s been a lot of stress for grocery store workers because the general public has often taken their frustrations out on the store workers. Many people haven’t worn masks when they come into the store, which that added to the concerns of catching the virus at work. Liz has gone out of her way to listen to others who needed to talk and to encourage everyone to stay strong and get through their trials. She’s always been that way and would give hugs to those needing a little extra care. She hasn’t been able to do that with social distancing but she hasn’t quit trying to let people know they are loved.
Another thing Liz has done that is commendable is be a guardian angel over my special needs grandson who works at the store part-time. She has helped him get over his fear of taking groceries out to people’s cars and encouraged him to learn new things a little bit at a time until he was confident and able to see where things need to be done without being told for every little thing. She has stood up for him when other young workers were teasing him or bullying him by telling them to back off. I don’t think my grandson could have been able to work at the store without her understanding his challenges and supporting him to learn and grow. She is like this with everyone. She has an intuitive nature to know what people need. She isn’t just a grocery worker, she is a nurturer of people by making them feel listened to, acknowledged, and cared about. She is truly a hero in how she ignores her own difficulties to lift others and make the world a better place. I can only imagine the thousands of people who have gone away from the grocery store feeling uplifted knowing they matter and that they can get through the day because of the sunshine Liz radiated to their hearts. She sacrifies much of herself daily to serve others.