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Robert Jensen is a bona fide hometown hero to the citizens of Mapleton, Utah. As a rural parcel carrier for the USPS, especially during this Corona Virus pandemic, Robert has continued to give exceptional service above and beyond normal expectations. The parcels and mail haven’t stopped because of Covid-19 and neither has Robert. He gives service with a smile and enjoys every minute of brightening the days of those who are unemployed or ordering online with stimulus refunds because of store closures. He also deliverers the Hometown Values and accompanying cards to residents on his route in Mapleton. Robert quietly goes about his business doing his job under difficult circumstances and hot weather conditions. His customers love to see him deliver their items and can’t wait for him to show up at their homes with packages. Recently, Robert encountered road construction and closures on streets but deviated so his customers could get their items!
Occasionally you’ll hear Robert say his favorite quotes: “Every day is better than the next one,” and “The beatings will continue until morale improves.” Robert is definitely a hometown hero!