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Marlies Mathews, a social worker for Nebo School District, is a strong advocate for at-risk students and their families. Following are just a few of the comments describing all the good this Nebo Hero does for Nebo students across the district. She does so behind the scenes and with no fanfare.
“Marlies is the first one to jump in during our Youth Support meetings to offer help to our kids. She tirelessly meets with students in our school, as well as the high school and elementary schools in our area, and visits families at home to offer help and visits businesses to wrangle up resources for our students.”
“Marlies is constantly going the extra mile when helping students in need. Whether it is getting resources for a family, meeting with a student, or assisting faculty and staff. She is always positive and upbeat. She is a team player and makes a positive impact in Nebo School District.”
“Marlies Mathews has been a wonderful resource and help to the entire community of Springville. Whenever we are working with families in need of some support, Marlies steps in with kindness, expertise, and resources to meet whatever needs there are. She volunteers to go visit families in their homes, makes countless phone calls to connect our students with much-needed resources, works tirelessly to meet needs, and provides valued emotional support to everyone she comes in contact with—students, parents, and Nebo employees. I have seen firsthand the difference she has made in the lives of our students and their families. Marlies has become an integral part of student support services at both Springville Junior High and Springville High School. I am so grateful for all of her contributions!”
Marlies said, “I believe that our most vulnerable students need adults who are willing to step up and advocate for them. I view my role as this type of an advocate, modeling resilience and strength for our students, by helping students overcome their challenges and gain the necessary skills that will enable them to grow into strong, resilient adults themselves.”
Marlies was born in California but grew up in Utah (Brigham City and Provo). She earned her bachelor’s degree from BYU and master’s degree from Capella University.
Marlies served for 15 years with Boys Town in Las Vegas, Nevada, where there was a strong educational component to everything accomplished at Boys Town. The goal with families was to facilitate family reunification by teaching skills and accessing community resources. With children and teenagers, the role was to help them transition between varying levels of care–from incarceration to living with their families, foster care, or independent living.
“Las Vegas can be a very difficult environment to grow up in, but I learned that by being present and working hard, we can impact the lives of our most at-risk youth and families. Working for Nebo School District for the last three years has allowed me similar opportunities as well as an ability to be proactive and help prevent issues rather than responding in a reactive manner,” stated Marlies.
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