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Donna Hamson

A Labor of Love.

Growing up in Ohio,she learned early in life about the lessons of hard work and the joys and rewards, of serving others. At the age of 12 years old, Donna worked with her mother in the commercial and residential cleaning business. She quickly learned the lessons of doing the job right the first time, as well as if you take care of the corners,the middle will take care of it’s self. Donna learned about paying attention to details and the importance of providing service to others.

At 15, Donna and her mother had moved to Michigan to work with her cousin Jim as a server in the restaurant business the next 3 years she learned about the business, quality of food, and exceeding guest expectations. Donna, now 18 years old, and wanting to be closer to her brother she decided to move to Colorado and experience some different things in her life.

In 1984 Jim asked Donna if she would come to Brigham City, Utah and once again, work with him in the restaurant, J&D’s Family Restaurant, Donna accepted the position, moved to Brigham City, and never looked back!

Over the next, 32 years, Donna served in the community in many different areas, she was a school bus driver, a volunteer for the Box Elder County Humane Society, an active member of the winter deer feeding program in conjunction with the UDWR. Donna & Carl Wadman also opened the West Forest Kennels providing full boarding and grooming.

In 1994, Donna and Carl were offered the opportunity to purchase the J&D’s Family Restaurant from Jim. Donna and Carl moved forward and began serving 2 legged humans in place of her 4 legged friends.

It was during all these past years that Donna had spent many holidays including Thanksgiving without her family or friends, she loved her restaurant, the people of Box Elder, and with a passion of serving others, Donna and Carl made the decision to offer a Thanksgiving dinner to anyone who would like one.

In 2015 they served over 650 people turkey, dressing, potatoes, gravy, all the fixings, and pie. They provided over 400 pounds of turkey alone.

We are honored to recognize Donna for her generosity of serving others, and her commitment and love to she shares with all of us in ‘Box Elder County”

Dear Readers,

Last Month in our ‘Hometown Heroes’ segment, we failed to mention Donna’s husband Dale, who is a big reason for all Donna was able to accomplish this past 22 years of marriage and operating the J & D’s Restaurant.

We all have observed first hand their positive influence on the Community. It’s always a pleasure to visit Donna at the restaurant, she calls everyone by their first name. It is obvious she loves, and is loved, by this community.

Again, this year, Donna and Dale have unselfishly served a free Thanksgiving Day feast to over 620 people.

A Heartfelt “Thanks Again from this Community to Donna and Dale.”


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